Friday, April 8, 2011

Treatment (It Happends)

monique- Amy age 14
David- Jake age 15
Schimmel- Brad age 17
travis- Dwight age 17

Scene I

Computer lab at 2:00
While sitting in the bedroom on myspace, brad and jake find a girl on myspace. they make a bet to see who could get this girl first.
Mark with his outstanding smile wins the best, and jake being a disgusting fool loses.

Scene II
in a jealous rage jake writes an annonoymous note to danielle explaing that it is all a bet and that jake doesnt really care about her like he says he does.
amy being upset seeks comfort in the arms of another man, Dwight, jakess step brother, sees the opportunity to swoop in and make the steal, he does so and this upsets jake beyond all belief he must have her back, and makes him feel weird because his girl is now going for his step brother

Scene III
in a clever series of tricks jake gets danuieele off Dwight by explaining he was no good, and that he was the clearly the right choice

Scene IV
She creates tests that will test jakes true love and he passes with flying colors because he loves her. To this day they are still in a deep passionate love

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What did I do well?

1: I setup the script and video roles. Had a role in the light in the video
2. organized what we were shooting
3. Edited a bit of it
What could I have done better?
1.more organized on the audio
2. Less stuttering on mike
3. Edited the movie better
4.made movie longer
What did I learn?
1. how to use and upload flip video
2. How to use lighting better
3. and getting things done on a deadline
4. how to film or edit videos
5. how to use a mic to record my voice

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Audio for group 1/ Script

Period 4 Group 1 Audio

SCRIPT:  jimmy: if you want thicker fuller head of hair, then please pay attention to the following. Bosleys new treatment is scientifically proven to give you thicker sexier head of hair in 95% of males regrew their hair in the first 2 weeks and the rest of the group followed in the next 3, one of the greatest advances in medical history.

David:Get it now breh, trust me, im a doctor.

Schimmel: Bosley is the kronic bionic grew my back in an hour, hour 45, full, bold, volumnis brown out the yin yang, got it in a pony tail right now, 62 girls, 1 night "clapping" in the club rocking ya boi how i do bosley kronic get it. 16.99 shelf target aisle 6

Trav:Bosley 16.99 can be yours now limited time offer target front shelf aisle 6 like my boy said...yeah.